Sonnets for your Valentine’s Day Love


Awaiting the rebirth of the buds of our love’s reflection,
Our days endure cloaked forever in winter’s darkness.
Bring on the storms attempting to quench our fires of passion,
For no darkness can still our hearts with loss or broken sadness.

As thoughts of love evolve from within our inner space,
From far beneath the surface of this frozen firmament.
Ready to burst forth from within it’s wintry hiding place,
Love is ever so slowly retrieved, renewed and permanent.

Beneath bare limbs undressing our airs of indirectness,
As our bodies intertwine as vines in loving recognition.
Our thoughts branch out, reaching for love’s regeneration,
Together we unite our souls in ever-brighter incandescence.

The Ides of February have renewed love’s deepest emotions,
Saint Valentine blesses all intertwining couples’ inventions.

A Valentine's Day Surprise

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Fun Fact About Shakespeare

Did you know William Shakespeare was the son of John Shakespeare?

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Let the Bard Entertain You

In 1568 John Shakespeare was appointed High Bailiff, the present-day equivalent of mayor, elected by the common council entitling him to be referred to as Master John Shakespeare. One of the perks John got was that his children could attend the local public school.

In 1576,  because of the Protestant Reformation under King Henry the 8th, Will’s father, a Catholic, was removed from his position as High Bailiff. and withdrew from public life in Stratford, as a result, at the age of 12, William could no longer attend the local public school.