Ardent Love Sonnets

Ardent Love Sonnets

 Our Seasons of Ardent Love

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 Twenty-two romantic love sonnets to recite to her to help you win her heart


Preface to Our Seasons

Act not in haste to finish reading these words

Savor the moment of each individually written line.

Take your time, and read them to be understood,

Feast on the stanzas, and relish each in it’s time.

When you find yourselves parted by seas and distance,

Your hearts ache, for love is strong without resistance,

For there is no truer love to ask for in any existence,

You are in love, through all time, with no indifference.

Your past contains your memories that bind,

Your present creates those moments in time,

As for your future, you dream, your eyes are blind.

Your love exists all at once, a love sublime.

Take this moment to read aloud these lovely words,

For they are words you may have never heard.


Our Seasons of Ardent love

Our Seasons of Ardent love brings forth all our desire,

Throughout our lives, we live on a Loving enchanted isle.

Far beyond, long, amorous nights with our souls set afire,

We bonded as one, remaining forever, for it is our style.

From our first chance meeting to the lives we are sharing,

We have been as one united with each other, inseparably.

We love each other for who we are, and all we are baring,

Not by any wealth can we tithe our love incomparably.

Our love can not be doled out, as money is for a favor,

Nor can our love be judged by where, or how we reside.

Our love for each other is truly the only love we savor,

For our love comes from the depths of our hearts, inside.

We are not just empty shells pretending to be unspoiled.

We are both halves of a love united, and totally fulfilled.

Our Love Eternal

Our lives are brief with short tomorrows

Each day shorter as winter follows

Rushing headlong into darkening days

Without assurance love is hollow.

Just like the ants, we build all the while

Hoping to stem the floods of sorrow.

The works of man are nothing novel,

For what is built today collapses tomorrow.

The coliseum was built to survive the ages.

Even the pyramids were not piled up in haste,

Yet both were unexpected by the sages.

We have no time to neither boast nor waste.

Do not make fun of love in your haste,

For sharing your love is never a waste.


On Dreaming Adoration

Deeply sleeping I dream of your beauty enchanted

My love for you is beyond a mere fanciful dreamer.

You have fulfilled my dreams of beauty reflected,

For even with my eyelids closed I am a believer.

Remember when our eyes meet, we winked.

Our hidden glances were unnoticed by all around.

Our love grew quickly by leaps and bounds.

We did not hang our heads down to the ground.

As in days long gone we walked holding hands,

Warming our thoughts of love for each other.

We have even separated to far distance lands,

Yet, our love is closer and will never part further.

Our eyelids are open sharing the dreams we feel,

For our love for each other is full and all too real.


Our Vernal Equinox

Our love is confirmed and renewed each spring,

Without a second thought to the rest of the year.

Everywhere seemingly eternal, blossoms bring

The sweet scent of love without doubt, or fear.

During this time we discover each other repeatedly

Giving each pleasing surprises, for we both care.

Granting each small tokens of love, unexpectedly,

A sudden loving kiss followed by a hug right here.

A wedding in March, the celebration unfolds,

The weather vane changes directions so easily,

The day starts out stormy, windy, and oh so cold.

But our love for each other warms us so deeply.

Eyes blind to the last of the sleet and snow,

For together at last, our love forever flows.


Table of Contents

Preface to Our Seasons
Our Seasons of Ardent love
Our Love Eternal
On Dreaming Adoration
Our Vernal Equinox
Our Mid-Summer Solstice
Our Autumnal Equinox
Our Winter Solstice
Epilogue of Our love

Available for the one you love on Amazon
Purchase for the one you love on Amazon


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